Life Update: 10/25/19

My first graduate course ended a few weeks ago and wow—it was no joke. You may or may not know this (based on whether or not you read my ‘About Me’ page!) but I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in public administration. I made the decision to take my research course first. Typically, that is the hardest class in the program. Now that I have it done (and because I got an A!), I feel like I can do anything.

People keep asking me about my decision to earn an MPA and they are visibly confused as to why I picked this program in the first place. If I had a dollar for each person who has asked me why I didn’t go for an MBA, I’d be able to buy myself coffee for a week. And I don’t drink coffee. So really, the conversation of “why” or “why not” isn’t benefiting me at all.

I chose public administration for a plethora of reasons but mostly because I love the concept of community. I consider myself very independent in the sense that I don’t need an escort when there’s something I want to do. Not only do I think that I’m personable and easy to get along with, but I really just love being included in things. I’ve been a senior project judge, a poll worker, and a member of various kickboxing gyms and yoga studios. Most recently, I completed my town’s citizen’s police academy. It was scary and challenging but also life-changing in so many ways. I wrote about that experience and my decision to pursue an MPA here.

I have now started my second course—Intro to Public Administration—and I feel like I finally have my routine down. I’m excited about the future!

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